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What sponsorship opportunities are available?

There are four levels of sponsorship: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Depending on the level of sponsorship, organizations can receive marketing exposure, access to student resumes, priority interviews with program graduates, opportunities to participate with students in class and representation on the REimagined advisory board. We are now accepting pledges for 2022-2024. Annual contribution begins January 2022.

Sponsorship Opportunities




(over 2 years)


(over 3 years)


(over 3 years)
Logo on all collateral course material, including website
Annual Report highlighting milestones
Resumes of students will be shared with you
Early access to student resumes
Opportunity to network with students
REimagined Board of Trust Advisors (1 seat)
REimagined Board of Trust Advisors (2 seats)
Video profile of company on REimagined's platform
Priority interviews with program graduates
Special event for students exclusive for Platinum Sponsors
Opportunities to participate in classes, including VIP Spotlights in weekly virtual classes for all cohorts

By supporting this initiative, you help our mission to bring more than 100,000 young adults into the field of real estate by 2030.

If you or your organization is interested in supporting ACRE, fill out this sponsorship form and include your organization, title, email address and phone number.