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Making Diversity in Real Estate a Reality

While industries like healthcare and education have been quick to adapt and embrace a diverse population and workforce, the real estate industry is lagging. As our country continues to diversify, we believe the industry can benefit greatly from a workforce that mirrors national demographics. The REimagined diversity initiative is designed to bring more people from underrepresented groups into entry-level positions in the real estate industry at scale.



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CORE: Career Opportunities in Real Estate

REimagined has set the bold goal to empower over 100,000 young adults of color in the field of real estate by 2032 . The first program that launched in the Fall 2021 was CORE: Career Opportunities in Real Estate. CORE is an online credentialing program that will provide remote life and skill-based coaching, preparing participants for entry level jobs in the real estate industry under the tenets of awareness, readiness, and connection. Students achieving this credential are prepared for entry level jobs in the real estate industry primarily as a leasing consultant, marketing rep., property administrator or equivalent role. Students must complete 8 real estate & employable skills modules with a 70% or better as well as receive personal coaching from a ICF certified coach. The program is self paced and traditionally takes 20+ hours to complete. This program is fueled by the support from its Foundation Partners & CORE Champions.



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Call to Action!

The first CORE cohort will launch in Fall 2021 and scholarships will be awarded so that there is no barrier to entry for the program. Sign up for the mailing list today to receive more information about the initiative and support opportunities! 



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